Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend Metro Work Will Eff Up Travel Plans

I'm just giving you a little warning because this weekend is poppin' off. It seems like every promoter wants to throw something. I don't know...perhaps it's an ode to the Springtime. Places like Olives, Ibiza, Penang, Mai Thai, Station 9 and Love...even poets like my man Jason Reynolds (ahh! I'm a big fan) are bringing it this weekend to keep us entertained...

So, what I'm trying to tell you is...DONT TAKE THE METRO! They'll be working on the Green and Yellow lines and will have your night all effed up. I hear that trains will leave every 24 minutes, meaning you'll see a train every 12 minutes. (Not fab!)

I know we're all trying to save gas an all but you may just havta' put the pedal to the metal :)

You're welcome!