Friday, May 2, 2008

Washington Wizards Celebrate at Ibiza...or so I hear

If you're a Wizards fans and missed your favorite player out on the town, Ibiza nightclub (1222 First St. NE) is giving you another opportunity to party with them. Last week Antawn, Roger and Andray came through...and this week I hear Caron will join them. I wonder if it's true that they're boycotting The Park and Love

RSVP here before 4 PM to get in free before 11 PM. And although I would say be fly when partying at Ibiza it's not like anyone's gonna notice your outfit amidst the smoke, the hordes of people (because yes...this is a nightCLUB) and special lighting effects. :)

Shout out to my boy Quicksilva and Miles of TeamBBC!