Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recap: Wednesday night at Josephines | Spotted: Fred Smoot

After leaving the chilled out Park at 14th, I hopped over to Josephines (1008 Vermont Ave. NW) where I heard the Wizards were running through after they touched down from Cleveland. Although they didn't stay for long, Fred Smoot was running around and seemed to be enjoying himself.

Unlike The Park, Josephines was poppin' off last night (not to be misunderstood...The Park was chill but Josephines was poppin'). With ladies dancing on couches, drinks spilling and flirting until your cheeks hurt, Josephines was definitely the place to be.

(Photo: The dance pit at Josephines...notice the stripper pole on the right)

The only bad thing about Josephines is that if you don't have a table then don't bother because there's no real place to stand and look cute. 

Oh yea...I found a fan! Shout out to homegirl who stopped me and said, "Are you the one who does DCFab?" Sorry hon, I forgot your name but didn't forget your luv. 

Peace, luv and fab...all day (you already know).