Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recap: Plaxico Burress at The Park at 14th

Yesterday, Taz Events and NY Giants Plaxico Burgess hosted a night at The Park at Fourteenth. Because of The Park's strict closed door policy on Fridays (you must be on a guestlist to enter) it was many urbanites first time venturing here.

The venue is opulent to say the least...did I notice Chihuly sculptures serving as chandeliers? I think so! The Park makes you feel not only grown but quite sexy...speaking of grown, the crowd here was just that. The 30 and over club card was in full effect and so were the groupies.

(Photo: Plaxico settling in at The Park...look at homegirl's face beside want to know what she's looking at!)

We arrived before Mr. Burgess did. And after waiting almost 25 minutes to get our drinks thanks to the slow and confused bartender on the second floor, we settled in between the cocktail tables and DC urbanites. Then he walked in and a dark cloud of groupies swarmed...we escaped to the first floor. 

(Photo: Taz of the famed Marz and Taz greeting Plaxico...some girl walked in my shot...I tried to salvage the picture...sorry y'all)

Before we left, we saw that Mr. Burgess had a full table filled with 6 bottles of Moet Rose and those little mini hamburgers that looked delish.

(Photo: Your girl, Joi-Marie with Taz...great party hon!)

Downstairs was a bit more chill...and last night, The Park felt more like a late night happy hour. Unlike other lounges, The Park was really all about kicking back and mingling. 

Luved it!