Friday, May 23, 2008

Recap: Pandora at the Park Grand Opening

If you missed the 'grand opening' of The Park (920 14th Street NW) last night you better had had a darn good excuse. I did! I was with my ls celebrating her graduation! (Yeah Baby Fe!)...and the party continues tonight. Catch me if you can! :)

Anyway, during happy hour alone there was 500 seriously, they ran out of that good food I was telling you about. Some called it 'just like Olives' others said 'this is how Love used to be when you couldn't even think about getting in looking busted'; still the DC socialites stepped it up and out for the grand opening!

And what helps is a good DJ who kept the crowd rocking all night long.

Spotted was Kwame Brown, former Washington Wizard who had bottles of Hennessy, Patron and bottles and bottles of Moet. He even gave a bottle to a girl celebrating her birthday at The Park. Must be nice...

See ya next Thursday! :)