Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day 08: Your Friday Night

YEAH!!...not only do we have a four day weekend, we're also supposed to have lovely weather over Memorial Day weekend. I'll be in Boston (...y'all know I can't sit still) but you've been asking me (thanks for your patience)...and I finally have my top picks (in no particular order of course) for your Friday night party! :)

(Photo: Me and my girls last Memorial Day spent in Dade County...that song was hot then)

Pasha (2147 P Street NW) is continuing their Friday night party into Memorial Day weekend. Hosted by The Talk of DC, you'll get in free before 11 PM. I know everyone wants to celebrate their graduation this weekend and Pasha has tables going for $350-$1000 (wow...$1000!...that's a bit much for Pasha) least they have $5 patron and ciroc before 11.

G4 is continuing to pop back on the scene at Mai Thai (1200 19th Street NW). A loooot of UMDers will be celebrating their graduations here so if you know somebody that knows somebody perhaps you'll be acting a fool here. Shout out to my DC Fab! correspondent Aminata and Video Fab! correspondent Felicia on their graduation! :) One of my fav DJs will be on the 1s and 2s, DJ KI so the music will be good. I don't know for some reason I foresee people dancing on couches...hmmm...Oh yea, it's free until midnight. *UPDATE*: G4 Scott says, "If you don't get a bad chick's number tonight, I'll give you your money back!!". Please take him up on his offer. :)

So who isn't promoting Mayorga Cafe (3301 14th Street NW)? Some of your favs will be in the building this Friday at this nice spot hidden in Columbia Heights. I was supposed to check it out last week but then my sinuses were effin' my swag up so I stayed in the house...still, I hear a lot of ladies were in the place...almost too many. Fellas, you may find your number one fan here. 

Chee Chee and Cheeky bring out an older, more professional crowd to Station 9 (1438 U Street NW). Station 9 has great areas for lounging and enjoying a cocktail. Don't expect things to pop off too much here...although the flyer says they'll "crank that Soulja Boy"...hmm I doubt it...It's $10 and the party is on the second floor.

Stay fab y'all! :)

p.s. Have y'all heard the new Common and Pharell song?! It's bumpin! Get it here!