Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pic Recap: Hotel Metropole at Olives DC | Happy Birthday Miles!! :)

For those of you complaining of always running into the same crowd, you shoulda' went to Olives (1600 K Street) last Saturday 

(Photo:  A lot of new and old faces came out to celebrate the birthdays of Miles and Ray)

(Photo: I see you bruh! Miles, ladies and gentlemen!!)

(Photo: Angel Lola Luv lookin' very fab. Is that a tat on your neck?!)

(Photo: I feel like they always take a pic like this...still cute.)

(Photo: Ra-Ra...getting the party started)

(Photo: I see you Dave!!)

(Photo: sure do clean up! CN8, the Comcast Network was in the building for the entire event!)

(Photo: Welcome to the party life...I'm really diggin' this outfit)

(Photo: Sorry y'all I just thought he was

(Photo: I see you Taz...and Miles can you not have your pinky up? (Boo!)

Apparently, Brian Westbrook (Philly Eagles), Demetric Evans (Redskins), Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings) and Chelsey Rodgers otherwise known as Miss DC USA (I met her in the bathroom at Mai Thai, very nice girl) all balled out and bought tables. Groupies and moupies, if you missed this then you missed out! 

Look out for their next event in's one you don't want to miss! :)