Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not Fab: Ray J kicked out of DC Hyatt

Although I love Brandy so much...I swear her little brother is the wackness. Sources say homeboy was tossed out of the Hyatt Regency (400 New Jersey Avenue N.W.) on Saturday morning for having some weed and some 'club drug' called Boat. Supposedly, his reps are saying that it wasn't him...it was somebody in his entourage...hmmm..."we don't believe you, you need more people."

Still, when hotel security came to his room because it was getting a little rowdy, Ray J tried to bribe the security guards and when that didn't work he started cursing people out. LOL SMH! A boy after my own heart...anyway, his bodyguards eventually carried him outta' there and they ended up checking in the Holiday Inn down the street. lol. 

Speaking of baby brother, watch Ray J in the studio with 'The Hotboy' DJ Quicksilva and Angie Ange...of course, Ray J is showing off for the camera...he needs rehab.