Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nanette Lepore Boutique Opens in DC

If you're into fashion then you may have heard of Nanette Lepore. She's real fashion and I love her because of the bright pieces she creates. I love rocking bright colors (I have green nail polish on right now...why blend in when you can stand out?!)

Anyway, last weekend she opened a boutique in DC, the first in this area. Here are some of her looks from the Spring 2008 collection:

(Photo: Luv this!)

(Photo: Shorts are in this season...get sum!)

(Photo: Luvin' the tube look)

(Photo: I see the one shoulder is makin' a comeback!)

(Photo: I'm feeling the belt accent)

(Photo: Nanette with her youngin')

Photo credits: Imaxtree

Try on some of Nanette's fashions at 5449 Wisconsin Avenue. 

Stay fab! :)

p.s. Go pick up something to watch the Sex and the City movie in. It opens Friday...you shoulda' got your ticket yesterday!!