Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Night Happy Hours

Okay so I dragged myself outta' bed this morning, had some morning car troubles (argh!) into work around 12 noon and have been catching up ever since, all the while wanting to pull out my hair ever since (but I didn't cuz I like my curls!). So it looks like we all need to go to happy hour tonight. The best places to check out are:

> For a nice chill but professional  happy hour, hop over to Station 9 (1438 U Street NW) between 6 and 9 PM. I really like this place...walk up the steps to the second floor when you get there.

> If that's not your scene, go down the street to Pure (1326 U Street NW), formerly Barnun for their happy hour. Yo, people be rockin' in here...dancing like it's Friday. Two levels, I like the top one to chill and the bottom one to party. This party goes until 2 AM. 

> Your best bet is 1223 (1223 CT. Ave. NW) from 9-11 PM; it's open bar! (See recap from last week) Guys have to be 21 and are free until 11 and ladies only have to be 18 (hmmm) and are free until 12. My favs will be on the tables: DJ Goldenboy and 'The Hotboy' DJ Quicksilva! Go see for yourself.

Aiight luvs; I'll be around tonight (you already know)...