Friday, March 21, 2008

Recap: 1223 Makes a Good Impression!

Reviewed by T. Denae
DCFab! Correspondent
Friday, March 21, 2008

To my surprise, 1223 (1223 CT. Avenue NW) was POPPIN’ last night. By 10 PM the line was literally stretching down Connecticut Avenue! When I walked in, the DJ was reppin’ 80s music hard…only my 37 year old friends could really appreciate it; and let’s not talk about the hired dancers with NO rhythm. Not fab! And you know they lied about the 9-11 PM open bar (per usual).

The evening was sponsored by Winston Salem cigarettes (I had to lie and say that I smoked to get into VIP (major boo.)! Shout out to Lee’once!)

The third floor seemed to be poppin' the most with DJ Goldenboy on the turntables and my boy Mecca on the mic. They even had “beds” to sit and look cute on when your stilettos started hurting.

By 1 AM, 1223 was jammed packed (I was standing on the "beds"…home training is overrated...okay, I'm kidding), bottles were poppin' and the music was on point.

De La Soul performed their greatest hits on the first floor. Thankfully I went looking for my friend down there and saw them on stage otherwise I would’ve missed their entire set! All the old heads seemed to be down here grooving to hits like “Me, Myself, and I”...

If I was the SOURCE magazine, 1223 would get 4.5 out of 5 mics. And they only lost the .5 mic because of the lies about open bar. If 1223 is like that every week I might be inclined to go back!

Stay fab snitches! :)

p.s. DCFab! girl will be in NYC this weekend so make sure you let her know what happened while she is away...Oh yea, Happy Easter!