Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shuttle busses going to Love?

Tonight, the Overachievers along with Big Tigger are hosting another 18+ night at Love (1350 Okie Street NW)...

Everyone has an issue with girl's car got broken into last night. Listen people, if you go to Love, I repeat...if you dare go to Love, don't try to save a couple of dollars and park on a nearby street. It's a no go...suck it up and pay the $20 to have those dudes in red coats watch your car. It's worth it! My car got broken into around the corner from the club a couple years ago on my 20th birthday no less. I had the stuck face. It looked something like this :-|

And now I'm even more unimpressed with Love, now that they have shuttle busses droppin' the kiddies off from Bowie and Howard...but I guess college kids need love too ( pun intended). Hey, I was them last year...but even then I never went to a 'shuttle party'. boo.

SMH at Love!