Friday, March 28, 2008

Recap: 1223 | A Typical Thursday

Last Thursday (3.27.08) I ventured into the city to find a late night chill spot to start my weekend off right. My jetset buddy came to visit (again) and we needed to celebrate! Celebrate what you ask? Us! Duh...

By 11 PM the line for 1223 (1223 CT Avenue NW) was down the block just like last Thursday. So you're thinking it must be jumping inside? If you thought that you'd be silly...because no, it wasn't that crowded to be perfectly honest. They were just being typical and holding the door so it looked like something was going on... the first and second floor were both empty, which provides a great place to get your first drink.

(Photo: Your girl, Joi-Marie taking the opportunity for a photo opp on the very empty second floor)

Like usual, the only floor that seemed to be poppin' was the third and every hood dude, around the way chick and even the classy crammed themselves on the third floor to the sounds of DJ Goldenboy

(Photo: A crowded third floor...)

The peoples must of loved the music because everywhere I looked somebody was backing it up like a high school dance...just raunchy. JUST RAUNCHY. And VIP was just as boughie as it wanted to be...and as I told you before Sheek Louch was in the building not being flashy...just kind of being there. Not a big rap fan myself but...I'm sure The Lox still has fans.

(Photo: It was definitely a bashment over in that area...)

Well, it's shout out timeeee: Adonis, The Hotboy DJ Quicksilva and (one of my favs although she doesn't know it yet) Angie Ange, Nate Z. of Talk of DC and Dave of Dave & Ray and last but not least Mecca on the mic...

Oh yea, and let me not forget to call out the tall, lightskinned bouncer who doesn't know what a fake ID looks like. Listen here, we're too old for that. He tried to deny my friend entry thinking she was toting a fake. Are you serious? Do we look like the type? (LOL, we prob do...but we ain't!) Of course are ignorant selves marched over to the nearby police and demanded he tell the bouncer what's good...he did...he did...okay I'll quit my e-thuggin'. :)