Friday, March 14, 2008

Recap: Caron Butler's Birthday Party

Before I head out tonight I might as well tell you what went down yesterday around 14th and K Streets (Northwest of course). Caron Butler celebrated turning 28 (wow, that's it?...the man looked good last night with his wife...dag) at The Park at 14th.

I saw a lot of familiar faces at this 'invitation' only event; the DC socialites were definitely out. Joining us were b-list celebs like Carmen Electra...and although they used Kim Kardashian's face on the flyer I never saw her. Still, I could have easily missed her as this small spot has four floors each with its own lounge and dance floor. I wound up on the 3rd floor as the 2nd floor was reserved for VIPs. 

(Photo: People trying to find the best floor for them in The Park)

Still, Caron is a baller so you know all of his teammates were in the building. I felt short for once; I'm 5'10" (yeaaah!) with Antwan Jamison, Gilbert Arenas and Andre Blatche in the building to name a few. Even the NFLers came out...Ray Lewis trekked from Baltimore to celebrate with the kid. He was even mixing and mingling, sweat dripping off his funny shaped head (Go Ravens!)...he's a cool dude tho. UMCP Alum and the most going out football player ever Vernon Davis popped up with Lavar Arrington, Roger Mason, Antonio Freeman and even Jason Campbell.

We can't forget the baseball players...I don't watch baseball so alls I know is that they played for the Boston Redsox and since one of them spilled his drink on me, their agent bought me martini's all night...great night. not so good morning. lol.   :)

(Photo Credit: Shakirah Hill)

Hmmm...something about this picture is all wrong. Can you guess what it is? Oh yea and Gilbert is d-runk.

(Photo: The crowd on the 3rd floor at The Park)

(Photo: Your girl, Joi-Marie with Kavon who claims to be the hardest working promoter in the biz)

It was a great night if you're a big sports fan and after everyone had about 2-9 drinks in them people were dancing instead of standing around getting annoyed because the place was absolutely TOO small to handle everybody in a civil manner...and fans could even wait outside to get autographs from their favorite ballers. Did I mention that Caron looked good?

Anyway, it's another FM Girl night so I gots ta' go.

Stay fab snitches! :)