Friday, March 14, 2008

DCFab!'s Friday Night Picks:

Aight peoples...sorry if you checked earlier and nothing was here. Momma was out handling her growns folks things -- getting my hair done :) I had a pamper-me-Friday. You gotta do that sometimes. Shout out to my sister who pampered herself too much today. Luv u too. (she prob not even reading this lol...okay I'm done)

I don't know about Friday nights in DC but I'm hardly impressed. It looks like the major clubs are offering a good time. 

Love (1350 Okie Street) is having their usual Friday night party. I gotta shout out Marc & Taz for throwing a good party for Caron Butler yesterday.

H20 (8oo Water Street SW) is giving ladies free admission until midnight. They even have open bar from 9-11 if you get on the guest list. Click here boo.

Ibiza (1222 First Street NE) is trying to repeat what they created last weekend. I don't know if you can top a Missy Elliott performance and my fav morning drive-time funny man Russ Parr, but why don't you help them try tonight. 

It was such a puuuurty day, so if this isn't your thing why don't you try wandering around U Street. My fav spots to chill are Jin, Mocha Hut, Tabaq and Pure.

That's all.