Monday, March 3, 2008

Recap: Cafe Asia goes 80s...maybe?

So, your girl couldn't make it to Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) last Saturday for their tribute party to the 80s but the fabulous ones were out and had to tell me how it went down:

(Photo: DCFab! reader Sasha dressed in her 80s gear. I see you with the pink Pumas!) 

She writes, "I was mad that not many people dressed up. Last year so many people were in 80s gear...they played a nice mixture of old school [jams]. Of course they had to play some new school for the youngin's in the crowd...Last year's party was legendary; I got the feeling they didn't promote this party well."

Well that's the word from Sasha...

Another source said, [It was] a nice high fashion affair. [There was] a good amount of people there to party so there was a great vibe all night...everyone came dressed. Hell it was a good night."

...and that's the word from the street...

Stay fab y'all :)