Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pure | Friday

So if you haven't stopped by Pure (1326 U Street NW) formerly known as Barnun, then stop by on Friday nights for a chill, non-pretentious, "jeans and nice tee" time. 

Last Friday (2.29.08) a source tells me it was "dumb crowded [up in Pure]." The DJ was on point and it seemed like everyone was in a 'lodi-dodi-we-likes-to-party' mentality.

One thing though (there's always one little thing ain't it??), why do they make it so complicated to get in free? So, you have to text the word "Pure" to 313131 or 131313 (I forget) and getting in free is dependent on if you get a text back -- you can kiss that free admission g'bye if you don't have a text from them. And don't play slick and think your friend can forward the text to you -- they check! They dont play. 

I suppose the benefit is that you don't have to walk around looking dumb with a large 8 1/2 by 11 piece of printer paper just to save a few dollars and have a good time...