Monday, December 17, 2007

Recaps: Cafe Asia and Penang

Since I'm eating my lunch from Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) right now, I may as well give you a little recap of last Saturday's Shuddafukup party.

Sources tell me it wasn't very crowded and the rain may have played a huge factor in this...still, people got plenty drunk and (male) cuties came out. Even an overseas basketball team stopped through. They wanted to have a good time or at least show everyone they were having a good time...even pouring champagne on each other. And I thought they only did that in the movies...

And if you missed Sayo & Brandon's party on Friday at Penang (there's debate on how this placed is it Pee-nang or Puh-nang?? I think it's the latter!) then you missed a good time.

Unlike Saturday night's parties it was actually packed; the place is kind of small, one source said but it was a real good turn out. The ladies came out looking right and DJ K.I. actually had no complaints! (I heard DJ P. Drama helped him out on the mic tho!)

DJ P Drama hyping up a crowd in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend 2007

The only bad thing about this party was the bar, it, "wasn't cool". With only two bartenders working the entire party it seemed like people waited forever to get a drink. Thank goodness by the time you got that drink it wasn't (ridiculously) overpriced.

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