Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DCFab! Xclusive: Gettin' to Know Deontre Blayz

Fab! Interview: Deontre Blayz

I have to tell you about one of those DCFab! guys Deontre Blayz (real name: Derick Bowers). He hails from BK like most great rappers but is currently running around the District as he finishes up his Radio, TV and Film degree at Howard Univeristy.

I like this guy's style...and y'all know I'm not a hip-hop head (holla' at me if you got that R&B) but his style reminds me of a mix of Lupe, Kanye and Jay...and you can't beat that. When I asked him to describe himself as a rapper, he definitely had a hard time saying, "I don't like to label [myself]."

Deontre Blayz gives you everything from street hip-hop like his song Superfresh, (listen here) to hip-hop alternative, like his song Astronaut Love. Check it out here!

His latest project is a mixtape entitled, "The Breakfast", which comes out in two weeks, so look for that. Blayz said about the mixtape, "you can sleep on it but when you wake up you're going to be hungry and you'll need breakfast." Word.

Shout out to Motley Management (Go DJ!) and Heavy Syndication!!!

To contact Deontre Blayz for gigs, shows, whatever, hit him up here.

Stay (DC)fab!