Monday, November 5, 2007

A.Keys | Jay- Z's American Gangster | LGI?

Did you have a good weekend? I did! My parents came to visit and I did the family thing...there's lots going on in the district besides the leaves changing colors and the trains actin' crazy.

Many favorites will be in town this week, so I guess this calls for a trip to the mall.

My girl, A.Keys will be at Love (1350 Okie Street) this Thursday...

(Photo by Wein)

But I must say her appearance at the most famous nightspot in DC is being eclipsed by the most famous rapper alive, Jay-Z. He'll be at Love on Friday. Tickets are $100 for the good seats. And yes, they're charging into the thousands for a table on the second floor, which is where the show will be.

He'll be in Baltimore at Ram's Head Live hours before so let's hope he shows up on time.


LGI is throwing "Release Therapy" at Fur (33 Patterson NE) on Friday. Not quite sure but something about this place reeks an upper-class Platinum. And by upper-class I mean an upper class student. Not feelin' it.

Still, you'll like it here if you're still seeking your bachelor's degree. :)