Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up: Tuscana West

The Good: The bartenders had heavy hands so most people were really enjoying themselves. Also, the ambiance at Tuscana has only been more enhanced by their recent renovations. With drapes, dramatic lighting, a warm and cozy fireplace in one nook of the lounge and an ultra cool room in the other corner of the lounge, away from the dance floor, all make for a diverse lounge and a diverse party experience. I have too many friends born in December and everyone seemed to be celebrating here. Happy birthday to Adriene, Keara and Fisayo! :)

The Bad: The door was totally disorganized, not to mention getting a table was not only confusing but time consuming (and who wants to waste time getting it together, especially when you're celebrating a birthday?!). My suggestion is to have reserve signs so the people actually spending money don't have to boot people out of their own table.

The Ugly: See 'The Good" then add about a few hours for the alcohol to kick in and you got some people on the dance floor. Think T.I's "Porn Star" song...

And that's your Weekend Wrap Up!