Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recap: Lexus "Arriving In Style" Trunk Show

It seems that a lot of cool events are coming to the District and I think I know why...

Last night, ESSENCE and Lexus sponsored "Arriving In Style" Trunk Show, a private showing of Kevan Hall's 2009 Spring Collection.

DC is known for everything but fashion...I mean, the majority of the people that work and live here wear black or navy blue suits and the most colorful thing in their wardrobe is a red tie. (I swear, it must say somewhere that you can only wear grey, black or blue if you work for the government).

Anyway, I'm so glad this event came to the District and host Holly Robinson Peete, who is absolutely darling, not only took the opportunity to inform the audience of her foundation, HollyRod4kids, a non-profit organization that services children, particularly children with Autism but also helped me realize why so many cool events are coming to DC. In her introduction she told the audience, "DC is buzzing right now!" She then proceeded to ask the audience if anyone would host her and her kiddies during the Inaguration. Holly, you better hang with Mr. Cooper! (Not funny? ehhh...okay, I tried!) ;0

An interesting gathering of people, the guests included government officials, including the Department of Defense, media people, including the legendary Cathy Hughes, founder of Radio One and even think-tank people like Micheal Eric Dyson (who, because I'm a nerd, absolutely adore!)

Kevan Hall's designs are perfect for the occasion that everyone is planning for in DC: inauguration. Now that I've picked which ball I'll be attending, it's time to dress shop...and ladies, I hope you know that Bebe won't cut it. Like Barack said, it's time for a change! :)

Find your party dress now:

Host Holly Robinson Peete

Luv this...

This is a unique silhouette

I luv how this nighttime look is two pieces...

Y'all know yellow is my favorite color and the skinny belt look is in

Very parisian