Monday, December 1, 2008

Recap: Last Saturday at Station 9

Despite having the flu (thanks Michelle!) and it being a little rainy, I had to get out of the house at least once over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's one of my favorite times to party in the city as most are home to spend the holiday with family and everyone seems generally in a good mood since they've had days off.

Tonight was an especially fun night because my friends and I were having another "F$%! Him Girl" night courtesy of some dude that messed up (that story is not for this blog). Since I heard good things from last Saturday, we headed to Station 9 and as it turned out, it was the perfect place to act out!

I was totally surprised by the set up last Saturday. I remember the days when Station 9 wouldn't even let a hip-hop/r&b DJ spin any hits in their establishment, let alone let two DJs spin hits on both levels. DJ KI held down level one with his usual sets and DJ Goldenboy heated up level two, although I don't remember him hopping from song to song like that.

I spotted WKYS' Angie Ang enjoying herself beside Goldenboy in the make shift DJ booth. I would have liked to see her hyping the crowd (I mean, she is dubbed 'Her Royal Hypeness') on the mic but Mecca AKA Ready, Set, Go held it down comfortably.

Mecca (in the the sweater vest...did you really have a scarf on too!? I was burning up in there!)

We pulled up to a line around the block. It was already drizzling so I was praying for a miracle (thanks Nate). If it wasn't for the door guys who I think got off on acting like total idiots at the door then we would've gotten in sooner and I could've saved my press and curl. Whatevs.

By midnight, the party was just right for everybody. The first floor was a more chill atmosphere...well, for the most part. At one point in the night, we went downstairs to cool out (it was burning up on the second level) and next thing you know, downstairs had turned into a bashment too!! Good job KI.

Girls who celebrated their 25th birthdays! Congrats ladies! :)

One of the hardest working female promoters in DC. Thanks Y!

Lauren (right) celebrated her birthday here tonight as well

I don't know if it was because I had been sick in the house all week or what but I truley enjoyed myself. Upstairs was a bit crowded. Station 9 is really a lounge...there's no doubt about that. No need to buy a table just to sit down, there's plenty of open seating but that does leave people saying, "Excuse me!" every five seconds so as not to get tripped by somebody who is sitting down.

Yea, that's me...sitting down! :)

Still, people didn't mind being cramped to get thier groove on on the second floor, which is where the party seemed to be. It'd probably make more sense to hype the first floor into being the party floor, since it comes with that great dance area and leave the second floor to the people who want to chill.

It was an all around good time. Be sure to check out Station 9 next week as The Jennifer F. Lewis Foundation, Inc. is not only remembering the life of one of my dear friends Jenn but also proceeds will go to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and provide scholarships for college students! See you there! :)