Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DC Fab! Gets the Superior Scribbler Award

I have to give a super shout out to my fellow blogger Black Gives Back for giving me this award and allowing me to pass it on. Let me list the rules for the future recipients of the Superior Scribbler Award :)

1) Pass The Award on to the five (5) most deserving bloggers.
2) Each recipient must link to the author and name of the blog from whom The Award was received.
3) Each "Superior Scribbler" must display The Award on their blog and link back to this which explains The Award.
4) Each blogger must visit this site and add their name to the Mr. Linky List.
5) Each blogger must post these rules.

Here's me passing it on:

DC This Week is one of my 'daily reads' as the author Jade likes to put it. A super friendly Washingtonian, Jade knows pretty much everything that I don't know about techno clubs/super chic restaurants and DJs of the other variety including DJ Adrian Loving, which she regularly raves about. If you want to know what else is going on in the District, come here!

And no, not because she gave this award to me but because I enjoy this unique niche blog that highlights the contributions that African-Americans give to our community. Black Gives Back doesn't discriminate: it could be a red carpet event, a super-chic dinner fundraiser or highlighting young people who were deserving of a scholarship, Black Gives Back covers the events that really matter.

A new favorite of mine, Candice Nicole in the City is the official blog of Elite DC Magazine. Candice Nicole is simply a fun girl...but honestly, it's her Twitter page that keeps me the most entertained throughout my day. Her spunky personality is endearing and translates over the Web!

I know I'm probably reaching but I think K Street Kate is a white me! :) She's really and truly fabulous. She hosts Jimmy Choo parties, supports many charity events, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation and even St. Jude. Her blog highlights philanthropy, fashion and fabulousity!

Spoken word artist Myisha Cherry authors a fun cool blog filled with pictures taken with her iPhone and great discoveries in some of my favorite cities. Whether she's bumping into Toni Morrison, Cornell West or attending another spoken word/sneaker event, she gives us the goods! Her blog is a mix of hip-hop, poetry and funk!

Luvs it...now pass it on! :)