Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your Saturday Night

Hi fabulous ones! I'm headed to New York to celebrate NY Fab!'s one year anniversary but I couldn't forget about you. If you want, hop on the megabus and come celebrate with us. Details are over there ----> 

>>> Play is back! Oh, I used to love these parties at Tuscana West (1350 Eye Street NW). With complimentary hor d' oeuvres and champagne, it should be a fun time. Glad these parties are back! I luv this place. Click here for more info! :) 

>>> Everyone is doing dinner parties these days huh? Head to Station 9 (1438 U Street NW) between 8-10 PM to dine with some fancy folks and enjoy a three course meal, all for $28 (not bad). The after party will be held upstairs. RSVP here to get in free before midnight.

>>> CALLING ALL GREEKS! The Frat Bowl Classic between the Kappas and the Alphas went down today (I'm dad is an Alpha and my brother is a Nupe). Please tell me who won! Anyway, they'll be partying at The Republic (1355 U Street NW) tonight! Oh yea, ladies free before midnight!