Sunday, November 16, 2008

Redskins v. Cowboys!!

It seems like everybody has either football fever (I'm a basketball girl myself) but today is a tight game with the Redskins playing the Cowboys. I swear there are more Cowboys fans in DC than Redskins fans (lol). Still, if you're like me and like to watch sports with tens of other screaming fans, head to these hot spots (especially on this cold day!!!):

Tonight head to Current (1215 Connecticut Ave. NW) starting at 8 PM. Enjoy their sushi (I didn't like it but whatevs) and cocktails. The Redskins won't be in the building but I hear Antawn Jamison and Mike Beasley will...(GROUPIE ALERT!) Email this guy or these guys to get in free before 11.

You can also watch the same game at The Park (920 14th Street NW). The party goes until 3 AM. And I'm a little confused but I'll let y'all figure it out: The Park is also celebrating Mike Beasley's coming home party with Caron Butler and Dwayne Wade (GROUPIE ALERT!).

Indeblue (707 G Street NW) is having their usual Sunday night party with open bar from 10-11 PM. And WKYS' DJ Alizay will be on the tables! Click here for more info.