Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recap: Election Night in the District

It's one of those nights that for the rest of our lives, we'll say, "Where were you?" Well, you already know where I blogging from Busboys & Poets on 14th and V and I couldn't have picked a better place.

Blogging and bottles! What better way to spend Election night! :)

The jumbo tron aired CNN all night and all night we were on pins and needles. I even caught myself biting my nails although the actual race to 270 wasn't a nail biter with Barack Obama in a clear lead for most of the night.

When CNN finally flashed,"CNN Projects Barack Obama President-Elect," the entire backroom erupted in chant, "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!" We banged on the tables, we popped bottles, we clinked glasses...this was a celebration. This was OUR celebration (one to tell the grandkids!) I even saw the kitchen staff come out, banging pots and pans. Forget food...this was history! :)

Obama supporters cheer in Busboys

Who would have known that the real party was going on outside. With a light mist cooling us off (everyone's blood was pumping with the news of our new President-elect), you could hear drummers (I think it was just people beating on trash cans and other hollow objects), chants and screams of "YES WE CAN!" in the streets. The police shut down most of U Street for all of the excited Obama supporters. Over 90% of DC residents voted for Obama. With the streets closed, it gave us plenty of space to cry, shout, dance, laugh and take pictures to record this moment forever!!!

Between texting my mother, friends and loved ones I couldn't help but fight back the tears. My president is black....(and white too) but he's black!!!! If there is anything that screams progress and change it is Barack's win last night. I'm still overjoyed...and the rest of the District is too. I can feel the excitement in Farragut Park, (with people shouting to me Obama! and Yes We Can! at the sight of my Obama button) right around the corner from the White House and I can see the relief.

I mean, I'd much rather work around the corner from Obama than McCain. We did it y'all. Congrats! :)

Yea VA! :)

A proud Obama supporter in the lobby of Busboys. The line at Busboys was down the block, leaving many people outside...

Outside on the streets many American flags waved...

DC Fab! posing in front of a mural on the corner of 14th and U Street

Click here to read Obama's acceptance speech! :) YES WE DID!