Monday, November 24, 2008

Pic Recap: NY Fab!'s One Year Anniversary at The Canal Room

So it went down...whether you made it out or not and it went down good! NY Fab! celebrated it's one year anniversary downtown at The Canal Room. Special thanks goes to The Three Kings, whose parties we regularly enjoy while in the Big Apple.

By 1 AM (who gets to the club before midnight in NYC?!?), The Canal Room was packed with people trying to hurry in the doors to escape the biting cold. The cold weather didn't stop girls from putting on their freekums...all I can say is thank God for a coat check!

NY Fab! and one our favorite supporters, Shyvonne! :)

I have no idea why our section seemed to be the most live. I can't tell you all of our party secrets but all I can say was a glass wasn't safe around our table...especially with the fellas dancing on them the entire night. I couldn't help myself when Single Ladies came on (just wish I woulda' knew more of the choreography!)

DC Fab! dancing with a fab! fan Olu

NY Fab! with Video Correspondent Felicia

I see you JJ!

Despite one major setback (I'll fill you in later), the night was such a success. I'll never forget one Fab! fan who said the sweetest words to me (which I won't share here) but it just cemented in my heart that (we're still under construction...don't trip!) was the perfect idea for my friends and I.

I know that this is only the beginning! :)

DC Fab! and Editor-in-Chief; excited that the night went well! :)

Stay fab y'all!

p.s. It was so cool seeing The Fab in another city!! We're taking ova. Watch out Oprah and Tyra!