Monday, November 3, 2008

Mini Recap: Dinner at Current Sundays

If you're not exhausted from your weekend (like most people are on Sundays) head to the District that never sleeps. Tucked away on a familiar block on Connecticut Avenue is a spot called Current (1215 CT Ave. NW). On this block, we're used to the likes of 1223, Lucky Bar (am I the only person who's been here?! lol) or even Play Lounge but Current is much swankier than any of these. You've heard me promote it before but I honestly could never make the trek into the District on a Sunday night...until last night.

In an effort to get people in the doors, they've opened up Sunday nights to what they like to call a 'dinner party'. It would be a perfect spot to dine if the menu offered more of a variety. Still, if you like sushi, you'd like Current because that's the only thing on the menu. Oh and the bartenders can make a good cocktail (and yes, my apple martini was great!)

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After hours (around midnight or so), the party people came, taking Current from being a lounge spot to a club. I'll admit I left a little early before the real party started...a girl needs to recharge for the week (especially this week, which will be excittttting in the District!! GO VOTE!)

Go check it out for yourself next Sunday. It's swank, classy...nice. Just wish they had more to eat!