Monday, November 3, 2008

MD Election: Question 2

I'd be remiss if I didn't give my two cents on one of the most controversial points on the Maryland ballot, Question 2.

Question 2 will decide if Maryland should bring over 15,000 gambling and slot machines to the state. And although many commercials (or propaganda as it should be correctly called) have been pushing for slots in order to improve our public school system, which is in dire need, let's keep it real: slot machines will bring money into the state but will that money really be allocated to improving our schools? Probably not...

I'm not sure if many of you remember as most of us were too young to vote on it at the time (I know I was) but when the Lottery first came to Maryland, politicians promised that the revenue would go to improving our schools but they haven't.

I'm not saying that broken political promises are a future indicator of what is to happen if slots were to be added to the state's constitution but it is something to think about.

Where would these slots go? It makes sense to place them in the top gambling zip codes, which includes 21215 (Baltimore City), 20743 (Capitol Heights) and 20748 (Temple Hills). These areas are also number one in foreclosures and have high crimes rate (which zip code doesn't though...).

Click here and here to learn more about this issue and make a choice for yourself! :)