Friday, November 21, 2008

Has DC Become Obamamania Money Hungry?

It's pretty clear that President-elect Barack Obama has been the biggest 'celebrity' President since I was born. Never has any President (again, since I could vote) caused such a craze.

I will fully admit that when this election first started I wasn't on the Obama bandwagon. I was torn between Hillary and Barack and finally decided that he had my vote upon doing my research.

I wasn't fully aware of the craze that is Obama until Election night. People had his logo painted on their faces, his face was carved into many pumpkins (I know you've all seen the pictures), poor little puppies were squeezed into custom made Obama tee shirts and I'm sure you've seen worse...

Barack Obama, a man cooler than a November day has created a rock star persona (and I don't know how in the world he managed to do that...he rarely says a non-premeditated sentence!) that has the entire world engaged.

Seeing that most Washingtonians weren't born here, it seems that the city has already figured out many ways to capitalize on the new President, especially during Inaugural weekend.

Mayor Fenty just made it legal for residents to rent out their houses and apartments without a need for a business license (like people weren't going to do it anyway!). I'm sure the tee-shirt man is getting his stock ready for when (an estimated) 3 million come to the District's northwest streets.

Restaurants refuse to take reservations as many organizations, congressmen or women and other big wigs have already rented them out for a party or ball of some kind.

It will be a surprise if you go out in DC that night and don't spend at least $75-$200!

::Sigh:: and even the Metro has gotten in on it with their new comemorative Obama Smartrip card! They'll be $5 more than the regular card and you know they'll sell out!

My hope is that the true history of this day and this event and this season isn't lost by money hungry Washingtonians. That we get back to the real significance of Barack Obama's win and that is that we were all desperate for a change!

Don't get caught up in the lights people! :)