Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shooting the Breeze with PJ Morton

Last night, Gypsy Soul and Media Minds brought out the true lovers of soul and R&B to Teavolve. If you weren't in the 'vibe' (whether that vibe be neo-soul, R&B or Blues), Teavolve (1401 Aliceanna) put you there. A boutique tea shop, I felt an extra piece of soul as soon as I walked in the doors.

Sitting there with an undersized (on purpose I think, I mean he is dubbed 'The Fly Nerd') bright yellow hoodie, I recognized him from my sister's CD that I stole a while ago. PJ Morton and I shot the breeze on how easy it is to distinguish himself from his namesake, how the lovers in his life influence his music and sheds light on the early days of Janelle Monae:

Favorite line of the interview: "My music just comes from a very pure place...and you'll get reality if nothing else". I dig!

Want a taste of PJ? Listen up:

I had more videos but it's hard when YouTube ain't working right and you trying to upload videos in between taking a shower and getting ready for work (too much information? Sorry...) Anyway, check back in for more video of PJ Morton live!

Stay fab! :)

p.s. Did I mention that his music just makes you wanna be in love...