Monday, October 13, 2008

My Michael Jordan Moment!

It's that time of the year birthday and this one is an ode to Jordan (you shouldn't have to think too hard to figure out how old I'm turning).

MJ in 1985 :)

It's shout out timmmmme! Thanks to all those who made this day special already (because it's not over and who knows what surprises I have in store): Mia (my road buddy...see ya in an hour), Tia (such a lovely hostess...can I have a towel next time?), Erika, Alex (thanks for the Dominican food), Linsey, Sharada, Felice (my frooont! thanks for the Amy Ruth's and my lovely card), Shyvonne (that was one of the best birthday cakes I've ever had, whether you baked it or not), Vanessa (Specy!), my Sunday afternoon non-date :), Royce (who came out), Eric (lol, nice meeting you), Darren, 50!!!!! and Olu (did y'all enjoy the pizza?), Russell, Michelle (thanks for letting me borrow your camera), Jasmine, Amos (thanks for the ride homie!), Emory (for starting my birthday celebrations off right), Juliana, Roy (who won the award for the best birthday text), Jade (who scored ls points for being the first person to call at 12:01 AM), Ashlee, DanielleChelsea (who all wanted to be there :(), Alicia, and all the many texts, emails, Facebook messages and wall posts and phone calls and voicemail's that I received. 


p.s. DC Fab! is off today as you could can get your fix tomm! :)