Saturday, October 18, 2008

Howard Homecoming 2008 - Saturday NIGHT!

It's the end of the weekend and if you're not tired yet, pull out your freekum and your hard bottoms and let's take over the city:

If you're looking for THE party to cram into, The Park at Fourteenth (920 14th Street NW). Diddy and AJ will be in the building. They're requesting only black attire (swankkkkky). The party goes until 3 AM.

If you've got the money (because the $45 tickets are sold out and it'll be $80 to get in) head to Bobby Vans (12th and NY Ave. NW) where DJ Kid Capri will be on the tables. It's a masquerade theme...oh and did I mention open bar ALL NIGHT with free appetizers and free deserts all night too??

Penang (1837 M Street NW) and Mai Thai (1200 19th Street NW) are shutting down 19th and M Streets to bring you one of the first block parties in years! A great idea, one price gets your admission to both venues. Get your tickets here...they range from $20-$250.

The third annual Cufflinks and Cocktails party is going down at Champions in Georgetown (1206 Wisconsin Ave. NW). Admission is $20 with a complimentary buffet.

Some sexy HU alum like Lamman Rucker will be at The Republic (1355 U Street NW) tonight. Also, Ryan Leslie (who is working the homecoming scene) will be in the building. Happy Hour from 7-10. Get in with a discount when your print this. Don't think this party will shut down anytime soon. Around 2 AM the party starts all over again and goes until 'until'. Complimentary breakfast from 3-5 AM. The first 500 ladies get in free (at 2 AM).

Y'all know about my huge musical crush on Ryan Leslie. Well, he'll be at Zanzibar (700 Water Street SW) tonight. Reduced admission before 10 PM.(that's mad early)

The City Museum (801 K Street NW) is poppin' off tonight with the sounds of Biz Markie (he's working this weekend, ain't he?). The party is called "Old Skool meets New School" with DJ Quicksilva reppin' the new school. Angie Ang will also be in the building.

Layla (501 Morse Street NW) is hosting a party tonight featuring DJ SNS. It's a more upscale venue (meaning freekum dresses).

CALLING ALL GREEKS (and people who love them)! The Kappas, Alphas, Omegas and Sigmas (damn, the Iotas never get no love!) are hosting tonight's party at Fur (33 Patterson Street NE). The first 500 ladies with this flyer get in free! :) It's 18+ to get in here.

Wow, I haven't partied here in years...Cafe Asia (1720 Eye Street NW) is having a HU alumni party for the classes of '97-'07. The party goes until 3 AM. Don't pay more than $20 to get in here. :)