Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Parties!

Halloween is fast approaching and I am a total big kid; I love Halloween (partly because my mom never really let me celebrate it during my on her!). Anyway, here are some fun and traditional ideas to celebrate Halloween in the DMV:

DC Fab! Girl on Halloween circa 2007

>> The Usual Suspectz are hosting a costume party at Club 24 (2122 24th Street NE) on Friday night. The winner of the best costume will receive $500 so don't sleep (I've already bought my costumeeeee!) This party is 18+. Click here for more details.

>> To start Halloween off right, Fur (33 Patterson Street NE) is hosting a Thursday night party complete with open bar from 9-10 PM. Everybody is free until 11 PM and the party is hosted by WKYS' Angie Ange (I swear I saw her walking across Farrugut Park the other day). Click here for more details.

>> If you're on that recession diet, head to Republic (1355 U Street NW) because it's FREE all night! That's right folks...but you must RSVP here.

>>Also, I must shout out the commenter who really made me see the light about Love (1350 Okie Street NW). That's just it, if you liked Love 3-5 years ago, you really shouldn't be going there now. Let the kiddies enjoy it. Dag...and I thought I was grown partying in Love 3-5 years ago. I guess, I'll let Love die. But if you're not willing to let it go, head there and get in free with a costume all night. They're hosting a 4th floor costume party. The winner will recieve $1000 in bottle service (that's a lot of liquor).

>>Pure (1326 U Street NW) is also having a recession-friendly party with ladies free until 12 and fellas free before 11. Click here to make that happen! Oh! And $100 plus a bottle of champagne for the best costume! :)

If you're not into partying on Halloween (who are you?!)...just kidding, here are some fun alternatives:

>> Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags America in Largo. It's open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night until 10 PM. Get tickets here.

>>Pick out a pumpkin at a nearby pumpkin patch! This is one of my favorite things to do around this season (partly because I couldn't dress up as a child so this is all we did...). Click here to find one near you! :)

>>Go on a haunted train ride. I've never done this but I reallllly reallly want to. Sounds like a fun date. Go on a creepy carousel and a haunted hayride in Wheaton. Click here for more info!