Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ginuwine making a comeback?!?!!

Stop the presses! DC's own Ginuwine has signed a deal with Notifi Records/Warner Bros. Music.

The press release detailed, "I have been touring and working on various projects the last couple of years and pondering what I wanted my next moves to be. I didn’t want to rush into just doing what a label told me to do but rather take time to be creative and find music and projects that I have creative control over. Notifi is giving me the support and creative freedom to record the sounds I think best represent me."

Well, well, well...welcome back Ginuwine! I can't forget my favorite song was "Number 1 Fan" ::sigh:: takes me back to high school. Hope he gets it together to bring DC back on the map.

p.s. Thanks Necole Bitchie for bringing this to my attention! :)