Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Terry McMillan can't control her mouth...

According to the Washington Post, last night at the PEN/Faulkner Award gala in the Folger Shakespeare Library, Terry McMillan went on a tirade about Presidential nominee John McCain.

Now you know, whenever this lady opens her mouth she says exactly what she wants...I find it hilarious.

She said: "Like most cult leaders, they really think the public is stupid enough to drink this Kool-Aid. I am not taking a sip."

She continued: "Now a senior citizen dying to dress up as the new sheriff of this land of opportunity and opportunists, John McCain, alongside ... his charming VP running mate (who has finally gotten a chance to wear that tiara, even though this is not a beauty nor personality contest), Sarah Tall-and-Pretty Palin, have -- as self-ordained mavericks and reformers -- been making empty . . . promises about how they want to clean up Washington...[McCain just wants to] find a new war to fight...and [Palin and her] uneducated snowmobiling husband just want to fly first class."

Hot.Mess. LOL.