Saturday, September 27, 2008

Russ Parr FIRED?!?!?!?!

Say it ain't so...Natasha of is reporting that our funny morning show guy Russ Parr was fired from Radio One (is this why he hasn't been on the morning show all week...I swear I thought he was on vacation!!!!)

Natasha also reports that Ricky Smiley is temporarily replacing him.

She does note that others say that he isn't fired but will return on Monday and was off the air due to 'contract negotiations'.

Whatever the case may be, let's show our support for Russ Parr. I swear, he keeps my sanity in the morning...and the show really won't be the same without him. I luv 'Fredas, 'Qwana and SupaKen but I swear I'll listen to TJMS if he's gone for good!