Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pic Recap: Russ Parr's Love for Sale

Okay so let me be truthful...I haven't been feeling well (I'm getting terrible motion sickness when I work/read on the train all of a sudden) so I've been taking it easy, which is probably why you didn't see me last night at the screening of Russ Parr's Love for Sale, a new independent film that he directed.

So, this isn't really a pic recap from last night but I did score some pictures of the premiere in LA. Please still luv me! :)

Our morning show man, Russ know he also recently directed The Last Stand recently

Angell Conwell looks nice

Essence Atkins, I'm luvin' that dress!

Melyssa Ford (drives a Honda Accord)...

DMV pretty girl Mya