Monday, September 15, 2008

National Black MBA Kick Off at Ultra Bar or Lotus

Are you in town for the National Black MBA Convention?

Well, Tuesday night the party is at Ultra Bar (911 F Street). If you're a member, admission is $20. Regular admission is $30 (whoa...ummm...negative, not for Ultra Bar, I'm sorry).

At least they have an open at from 9-11 PM. If you're from out of town expect minimum air conditioning; a very chill upstairs and a poppin' downstairs; small cups for alcohol and a cool interior.

Too pricey? Then head over to Ciroc Tuesdays at Lotus (1420 K Street NW). They offer an open bar from 10-11 PM and it's much cheaper to get in...It's FREE! Your girl looks's a little bigger than Ultrabar; the party pops off on the lower level... :)

...For tips on the hottest places to go after convention, check back in daily!....