Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kick off the Redskins Season!

Okay, I'll admit I am soooo not a Redskins fan! Don't look at me like that...half of y'all aren't either.

Still, I may watch the Redskins take on the NY Giants tonight. Here are some good spots to catch the game:

>>> The Park (920 14th Street NW) is hosting it's regular Thursday night affair. $5 cocktails from 5-7 PM. Too bad Dave & Ray won't be there anymore...tear.

>>> Jin (2017 14th Street) is also hosting something with pre-kickoff drink specials from 5-8 PM and 1/2 off appetizers.

>>>Adams Morgan! I love putting on a t-shirt, jeans and flats and not caring about what I look like...grabbing a good Blue Moon or Corona and watching the game. Head to any bar down here. Shout out to Evolve (1817 Columbia Rd. NW) who has a great big flat screen right above the bar and the owner makes a mean drink! :)