Monday, September 8, 2008

The Hills DC: Blonde Charity Mafia Missed Us

Did you know that Lifetime has created Blonde Charity Mafia, an unscripted 'reality' television show about the DC socialite scene. Now you know...what they really mean is the the socialite scene that involves benefits, fundraisers and lots of passed appetizers and wine bars. (Boo.)

Of course, this supposed new series that covers the socialite scene in DC missed 'us'. What do I mean by 'us' you might ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. 'Us' are those who don't receive the email asking us to RSVP to some affair that costs $150 per plate to fundraise, campaign, bring awareness to...catch my drift? The 'us' who are socialites in thier own right (I'm on my soap box) and dare I say in urban circles?

::sigh:: Whatever, the show revolves around three socialites, Katherine Kennedy (not a real Kennedy, don't be fooled) Krista Johnson, and their friend Sophie Pyle. Check local listings for airing times. :)