Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pic Recap: The Russ Parr Bus Tour 2008

Were you tuning into 93.9 WKYS last week and heard Russ Parr and the Russ Parr Morning Show's Bus Tour? Well, I did...and although I was on my way to work I was kinda jealous of all the kiddies heading to Ibiza to take part in the free concerts that Russ Parr gave the community. We all missed it but here are some pics I snagged:

Kiddies having a great time...::sigh:: I miss high school!

Alfredas, did you go natural since your show on TVOne? Oh aight.

Is that Lil JJ? He don't look so little no more...

Big G reppin' DC...does that shirt come in a baby tee?

Karina...that girl can sing. Look out Alicia Keys!

I'm not gonna lie I don't know who that

Maino! Hi hatttttta'...

Keri Hilson looks oh so fly...

Young Berg...with a lightskinned chick. Of course. Humph!