Monday, August 4, 2008

Pic Recap: Jay-Z Performs at Kennedy Center's Africa Rising

Yup...DC Fab! was in the building for Jay-Z's debut performance inside the world reknowned Kennedy Center. Jay said, "I've been to D.C. a lot of times, but I've never been here before."

His intoxicating swagger and loads of energy, (when I left I felt like I had been on stage, I was so tired so I can't imagine how he felt) Jay-Z performed most of his hits to an intimate setting.

Some snagged pics:

The Roc boy was definitely in the building...

Supermodel Alek Wek walked in shows by Nigerian fashion Momo and Nigerian designer Deola Sagoe

Tyson Beckford who came out to hundreds of screaming women...he's sexier in person

DC Fab! leaving the show...exhausted but still fabulous!

I must mention the thing that pissed me off the most about this night. When entering the theatre where Jay and John were scheduled to perform, I had to be wanded by security men dressed in all black (like the omen!) What the H? Was I at H20 or the Kennedy Center?!? Appalling! And you know I had to ask because I've been to the Kennedy Center over 10 times at least and never have I ever been WANDED and my PURSE searched?! WHAT IN THE WORLD? I asked why did they beef up security to about three different 'official' looking people. I got the same answer, "I don't know...this is my first time here!"

Hmm...Is this racism? I think so...

Some of my pics:

Alek Wek

John Legend. I have video of his new song "Good Morning" be posted later this evening.

John hopped off stage and sang in the crowd. This definitely wasn't your average Kennedy Center performance

Caron Butler throwing up the Roc sign in a fashion show right before Jay Z performed

The man of the hour...

He brought out Memphis Bleek to do some of his classics. The man was on stage for more than 75 minutes!

And he didn't pass up an opportunity to make a political statement in DC...he said something along the lines of "Forget Bush". :) (Note: Jay Z's comments do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of DC Fab! and its writers. Thanks!)

Jay showing off who he's voting for...

p.s. After the show John Legend performed two songs at Ibiza nightclub and Jay Z simply showed up at Love. He sipped on his drink and occasionally sung the words to his songs. Word on the street is that the promoters couldn't afford to pay Jay to do a real show. Dag. Times must be hard.