Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama at DNC (my two cents...)

Most of you all don't know but I write for my sanity so along with keeping up this blog, I keep a VERY PRIVATE diary. Still, I wrote this last night and thought I'd share:

Part of me wanted to shout, scream for joy...my eyes started watering as I watched Michelle Obama, a first-lady hopeful address the United States and millions of others who are watching give a wonderful speech at the DNC in Denver.

Never have I, a black girl, seen a black woman being held up as a potential first lady of the US. It's breathtaking to watch, outrageously inspiring...I feel like I'm high...like I'm flying....oh how far we've come in my 22 years.

I love what she does for me and for future generations of women just like me...brownskinned, intelligent and unabashedly proud of who we are. She is, like my mother, indeed a great role model to young black girls everywhere that we aren't the mule anymore...luv her luv her luv her!