Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello Cupcake

People in Dupont Circle have been buzzing about the latest sweet treat to hit the streets (try saying that five times fast. lol).

Anyway, it's a new cupcakery (is that a word?) and it's called Hello Cupcake (1351 CT Ave. NW). If you really know me, you'd know that I love to eat (A LOT!) Don't let the skinniness fool you!

Anyway, this new spot is sweet, fun and fab! :)

Peep the fab! decor...

(Photo Credits: Tracy Claton)

Yum! :) They have 22 cupcake flavors and are priced at $3. Cupcakes are baked fresh daily and I'm on my way to get one now! :)

*UPDATE*: Okay I went! There was a line formed outside this boutique cupcake shop when I arrived around 1 PM today. They had 'normal' cupcakes...they called it the Hello Cupcake Original and other fun flavors. I got the Lemon Tart Cupcake, which is divine! :)