Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pic Recap: Allen Iverson's 10th Annual Celebrity Classic

The biggest celebrity weekend since Big Tigger's, Allen Iverson brought the b-listers to town:

Carmelo and AI talking before the game...

Larry Johnson and DMV resident Biz Markie taking a Powerade break...

Models Angel Lola Luv, Lizz Robbins and Ahni Luv are put in charge of moving those chains

Dag Melo, don't let em get you down...

I heard Cassidy arrived on the scene... late. Dag. He was blinging tho...why is he crossing his fingers? Weirdo.

Steph Lova with Melo's baby momma, LaLa

Look who showed up Nelly...posin' with Biz Markie. I spotted him on Friday night at his restaurant in St. Louis called Skybox...girls were fallin' out over him. Ashanti, come get your man.