Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mini Recap: Esby's 1837 M moves to Mai Thai

So I get this email in my inbox today regarding Sayo and Esby, Inc.'s move to Mai Thai. Thier party, which was established at Penang (1837 M Street NW), went right across the street. The move had people wondering if they could pull off the switch. A party goer writes:

Mai Thai, despite being hidden behind construction fences was actually more than poppin' on Saturday. Kimiko and the gang held it down and did a great job of attracting some of the DMV's finest ladies. The ratio must have been 3 females to 2 males. The bar was much easier to access than at Penang and there was also more space to lounge. With the music being louder towards the front, it gave ample space to socialize in the back. Ready Set Go aka Mecca was hyping the crowd all night and overall it was an enjoyable Saturday.

Congrats Sayo! Check out his next party at...well I'm not sure where it is now but you know DC Fab! will keep you updated :)