Sunday, June 1, 2008

Recap: Santana Moss Celebrates His Life at Pose

Last night, DC socialites, groupies and local randoms rushed into Pose Ultra Lounge (201 Waterfront Street) all trying to get in before midnight to avoid paying (CORRECTION: Everyone got in free)...the cover charge at Pose is $25 for anyone who isn't staying at the hotel regularly. It took some of DC's best promoters, including some of my absolute favs: Team BBC, Talk of DC, Dave & Ray and Ra-Ra, to get the spot sorta-filled.

Shout out to Dan the Man and Devon the Dude (when did you start calling yourself that?!), who also celebrated his birthday here!

(Photo: Ra Ra and Nate of Talk of DC with some ladies in Pose)

(Photo: Not sure what their purpose was...I see you Alicia C. and is that Miles in the background throwing up hooks?! lol. Luv it!)

If you've never been to Pose, I highly suggest to put it on your things to do. After getting lost in Oxon Hill for about 30 minutes (definitely should have followed the directions on the flyer...Google Maps won't get you there!), I drove up on the breathtaking complex that is the Gaylord National Resort. Gaylord is known for their extravagance (I stayed in one of their hotels in Tennessee...random I know) and although there's still a lot of construction to complete this $800 million project, it doesn't take away from Pose.

When I arrived, minutes before midnight there was a line of ladies outside all waiting to get in. Situated on the 18th floor of the hotel, the place wasn't crowded and never seemed to reach capacity but they held the line due to the fact that there were so many females trying/dying to get in...for one reason or another.

With one elevator that takes you to the main floor and another strictly for VIP/tables, you never could get a sense of where the real party was...of course everyone looked lovely (I don't think I saw a lady without a dress and heels on) and because of it...there was a lot of posin' up in Pose...yea that was kinda' corny but it's true.

Inside, Pose reminds me of something you'd see in Vegas or Miami...definitely forgot I was in the DMV for a minute. With great decor, big red lounge chairs and an outdoor deck, Pose has everything if you want to chill or get it poppin'.

One girl that did seem to get it poppin', maybe a little too much was Danyelle of Mane just straight hit the floor. I think I saw her bounce too when she hit the wasn't even funny. She kept it funky though and kept dancing and laughing it off...hope you're okay hon! :)

Santana Moss was chilling in VIP with a gawd awful doo rag stocking looking (I don't even know how to describe it) thing on his, you can't be serious. I guess you really are from Florida...anyway, he was taking pictures with fans and groupies alike. He was being real social and not stuck up like other party-goers and football players. I couldn't even name the football players that were there...I'll admit but they were in the building.

(Photo: Micaela M. (in the blue)...look out for her y'all...she's gonna be big!)

Overall the party had a lot of potential to be better than it was. With great looking people all there to have a good time, the party could have been better if there was a better DJ. I'm sorry DNA but there was never a set that gave back to back jams...he kinda' spaced them out periodically never giving people a chance to drop it likes its hot and keep droppin it...and he played the songs too long...I really wanted to do it House Party style and yell SWITCH a couple times.

Lastly, and I must say this...if you managed to find a boo here, Pose is the perfect place for club boo-loving. With the rooftop deck that gives breathtaking views of construction (lol) and the Potomac River, which is quite gorgeous. I was in luv. Pose also has private tables, complete with curtains for some party privacy.

I give it a solid B :) 

p.s. Shout out to Sebastian B. of Shy Magazine  and Robert Pearl of for taking all the pics :)