Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a Recap: All White Party at Pose Ultra Lounge

Yea, it's not a recap because I didn't get in! By 12:30 AM the "line" or should I say mob to get into Pose Ultra Lounge (201 Waterfront Street) was total mayhem, so much so that approximately 20 minutes later (in heels time, it felt like an hour) the club was "shut down" and three not-scary lookin' police officers yelled for people to go home. No one budged.

They were still letting people in and everyone else either gave up or began plotting on how to fake as if they had a table...too much.

I'm not quite sute if it's worth all the hype...but it is a sight to see, so make sure you put it on your to do list. Just make sure you get there before 11 PM (I know...that's early right?)

Still, here are some pics from the event thanks to Sebastian:

(Photo: Some of DC's best party planners!)

(Photo: I just thought he was a

(Photo: I see the AKAs made it in...)

(Photo: Vernon! He's been quiet on the scene...)

(Photo: This dude, Roger Mason, is always out...hmmm...)

(Photo: Luved the dress door girl...still you ain't let me in. Boo.)

(Photo: I luv how Andray just took over this pic...was he even supposed to be in it?)

p.s. Happy Birthday Ryan and Bryan S.